How to Configure Brother Printer with Voonote?

While your Visitor Management system is used for whole lot of purposes, Voonote is adding one more to it that will assist you in printing badges and keeping a track of every visitor to your working premises.

how to setup brother printer with visitor management system

Steps to Configure the Badge Printing Feature Using a Brother Printer with Voonote

1) Login to the system and create the sign-in form that you want to use for printing purposes. The process to create the form stays the same.
-Dashboard > Setting > Sign in Flow > Create New Form

form creation in vms

You will get list of fields to insert:

choose right field for login form

2) The second step is to add the printer that will be used for badge printing if its not already added to the system.
3) Under Hardware section in dashboard, tap on ‘Printer Configuration’ at the top right corner
4) Tap on ‘Add Printer’ and the below screen will appear.
5) Here you need four names to be taken care of: Printer Name, Type, Brand and Model.

brother printer configuration with vms

– Add printer name in the respective field.
– Under Printer Type, select the printer type that falls for your printer.
6) If you are going for a Wifi Printer for Brother, then ‘QL-820NWB’ model will be added as default in our system. This Model setup works with most of Brother printers.
7) Fetch the IP Address from the navigational menu in the printer and input it into the Voonote dashboard.
8) Please ensure that the wifi printer and the app fall under the same IP address.
9) If you are opting for Bluetooth type with the Printer, fetch the Mac address, input it in the ‘Add Printer’ section and save the details.
10) Please ensure that the App device and the printer share the same Bluetooth connection.
11) Once the printer has been added, go to printers under the Hardware section.

enable printer to vms login form

12) Activate the ‘Enable Printing’ option next to the form that will be used for badges.
13) Select the Printer to be used to print the badges from the list of options under ‘Printer Settings’
14) If the form is not printed at the first go, then you can reprint the same as well. Select the reprint category to be used for the same under the ‘Reprint field’. The process of how the print will be done is explained in the later part of the blog.
15) A badge print will have at the most 5 fields so one needs to select which all fields they need to have in the badges from the sign-in form created.
16) To do so, tap on the name of the form in blue colored fonts under the ‘Form Name’ category. A screen as shown below will appear:

badge customization process

17) For the page size of the badge, we have two options: 62mmRB and 29mmx90mm
18) 62mmRB will be supporting both Landscape and Portrait mode in the prints.
19) 29mmx90mm will support only Landscape mode.
20) Enter the name that is to be kept as a header in the badge.
21) Select fields from your sign-up form that you wish to have in the badge. At the most four fields can be selected.
22) Activate the fields of ‘Brand Logo’ and ‘Date’ if you wish them to appear in the printed badge.
23) Type in the text that you wish to appear in the footer of the badge.
– Location: This takes the name of the organization and the branch name in which the badge is printed.
– Custom: In here you can write any customized text to be displayed on the footer.
24) Select the kind of orientation that you need if you are opting for 62mmRB.
25) Enter the number of copies that you wish to print.

brothers badge printing size setup

26) If the Voonote app is not installed in your office device, then download it from the iTunes or Android store. Upon sign-in, once the user fills in the form and taps on ‘Submit’, the badge will be printed in the configured printer.
27) If the app is already downloaded in your device, then tap on the icon at the top right corner of the Check-in screen and click on ‘Sync’. By doing so, all the changes made in the Voonote dashboard will be synced with the app. Hence, once a user fills up his form, it will be printed upon the tap of ‘Submit’.
28) If due to connection error the first print fails, you can fetch another print by tapping on the ‘Reprint’ option in the top right corner of the main check-in screen.
29) Upon tapping on reprint, you will be asked to input the name of the field that is selected in the Voonote dashboard for the same.
30) Input the field and select the form from the list of appeared searches to reprint it.

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