Critical Corporate Problems and How Voonote Solves it with Visitor Management System?

how voonote solves corporate problems

Any corporate whether it is big or small has started realizing the importance of the visitor management system They are opting for different solutions available in the market as per their needs. But have you ever wondered which kind of visitor management solution you should be opting for your premises?

We have gathered a few criteria that can help you narrow down the listing:

1. Types of guest logins that you have!

Voonote is designed to greet expected and unexpected both type of visitors. Just place up Voonote at your front desk reception, they can fill up the required details as per the form. We follow a very simple process :
• Fill up the forms
• Enter the name of the team member they want to meet
• Print The Badge
• Make them comfortable until the host arrives
Once the person who is at your premises to meet one of your employee is done filling up the necessary details, the host will be notified that there is a guest at a reception to meet you!
It’ so simple. Isn’t it?

2. Way to avoid unwanted usage of the app

Yes. You can stop unwanted Voonote usage or lock the device for certain time when the concerned person is not around the device. Voonote gives you a function called ‘LOCK DEVICE’. By enabling this, any visitor or suspicious person cannot get an access through the premise.

3. What if the guest forgets to sign out?

Many times it happens that guest are in a hurry and forget to sign out. In this scenario, Voonote has given the access to the host and to the reception that they can log out the visitor in this kind of scenario.
They just need to login and tap on the visitor name, by this way they can opt out the visitor from the list.

4. How do we know, how many guests are there right now on the premise?

It is quite simple with Voonote. There are two ways that management can check the recent guests available at the location. The reception or any assigned person with the login details of the dashboard can check the active guests. Moreover, Voonote allows you to print the badges which are unique for every visitor. Every visitor at the premises will have a Printed Badge. It helps anyone to find out who is welcome at the premises and who is not. Voonote automate reception with visitor tracking system in your premises.

5. We have multiple location, how we can manage it?

Voonote is equipped to manage multiple locations with the single dashboard. There is no other investment required to set up. You can check and manage your visitors from any of your branches and sitting at your desk itself.

6. No data lost worries. Everything is on cloud

The biggest worry any corporate would have is the ‘worry of data loss’. Voonote is robust cloud based visitor management system which completely eliminates the risk of data loss. So now you can focus to be a part of the growth of your company rather than listing down the guest and visitors manually.

Voonote offers a solution to all the points that are critical to your decision. Do you also find Voonote as the perfect fit for your organisation? OR Do you have a query, drop us a mail on

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