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Visitor management system

Make every visit matter. Collect data, analyse visitor's information, plan campaigns with our all in one Visitor Management System


Areas we serve

custom formCorporates
Voonote helps in managing frontdesk in a noteworthy way making it an efficient visitor sign in system with digital check ins. This helps you create an impression, streamline visits. Know more...
custom formRetails
Voonote lets you know your customers and their purchasing behaviours. Record every visit and use retail data analytics of every customer like their visits, their choices, needs and buyouts. Know more...
custom formValet
Voonote acts as a complete parking management system and helps parking operators manage visitors from the parking place itself. It resolves the chaos that is often faced for Valet Parking. Know more...


custom formCustom Form Fields
Easily manage the data fields on the details that needs to be taken from a visitor while they visit. Swiftly add/remove the data fields as per your need in a matter of time.
steamline visitorSteamline Visitor Check in
Simplify the entire greeting process with digital check ins. Easily track down visitors making their entire experience smooth and trouble-free and improve front desk efficiency at the same time.
notify hostNotify Host / Visitor
Promptly notify the host on visitors arrival. Hosts can notify visitors too while they are on their way to meet them. This saves time of everyone - the front desk, visitor & the host.
badge printingBadge Printing
Print badges with the needed details of visitor. With this, hosts can easily recognise visitors through the badges thus saving them from the hassle of not being identified or tracked down.
campaign managementCampaign Management
Promote your offerings better with Voonote and stay in touch with your prospect customers. With the extensive and handy visitor database, plan and implement campaigns to generate more footfalls and new leads.
know your visitorsKnow your visitors
With custom data fields, derive the needed info about visitors and learn about their choices, needs, preferences and buying patterns. With these learnings, design your services that compliment their needs.
remotely manage locationsRemotely manage locations
Manage all your office locations from a single central dashboard, be it in different cities or countries. Easily configure account settings, devices & give location specific rights to the concerned person.
keep data in cloudKeep data in cloud
Entire system functions on cloud with no major dependency on any hardware. This aids in easily deploying the system to different locations with no delays and requirements to get started.
showcase your brandShowcase your brand
Customise and use our offerings with your brand name. Create notable impressions on visitors and stand out. Let your visitors relate their seamless experience with Voonote through your brand.

Manage from your dashboard or Mobile App

Voonote offers a simplistic dashboard to its every client wherein they can track every visitor/customer. One can get timely detailed reports on the visits and plan their activities. The robust dashboard can be accessed remotely giving you full control about the system. The Mobile App notifies you when your guest arrives aiding in welcoming them the right way.

With Voonote, one can customize and manage the system as per your convenience from the device itself.

About us

Voonote is the product by Voolsy Networks Pvt. Ltd. Voolsy is an award winning revolutionary dine-in app that works with ibeacon technology. It is the first app in India that uses iBeacon for restaurant industry. Spending years in restaurant industry and working with popular brands across India, Voolsy has widened its range by introducing Voonote.

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