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Improve reception at Front-desk with Voonote through digital check-ins. Collect guest information, print badges & inform host about arrival of visitor all in one Visitor Management system.


Digitalize Front Desk with Visitor Management System

Delightful Brand ExperienceDelightful Brand Experience
Create a great impression for every visitor at your office. With beautiful iPads or Android tablets placed at the kiosk on reception, greet your visitors and stand out as a company.
custom-made check-in fieldsCustomized Data Fields
Voonote gives you the ability to include the required data fields for visitor sign-ins. Choose from the default fields, add open ended fields or customized dropdowns as you wish.
badge printing with photosLimitless Check-ins
Sign-in every visitor with the required details. Automate the entire process with quick digital check-ins. Don't get lost in the paperwork. Make your front desk clean, sleek and uncluttered.
notify visitorsHost Notifications
With Voonote, don't let your visitor wait or hassle. Notify the hosts on visitor's arrival and keep them updated. Hosts can notify reception with predefined messages or customized texts in return. The whole process is streamlined digitally.

Be a good host with Voonote

visitor checkin

1. Instantly sign-in the visitor

Let your visitor sign-in with required details like Name, Email, meeting purpose and other customized fields. Keep a online record of all the visitors and access it from anywhere.

2. Print Badge with Visitor's Photo

Enhance the security of your office premises with visitor's photos. Hosts can identify their visitors through printed badges. One can easily track down the visitors and identify them.

printed badges
notify host

3. Notify the Host

Get instant notifications about visitor's arrival over SMS or email. Hosts can in return notify reception with preset messages like "I will take 10 minutes" or even modify messages so the visitor knows what to expect.

4. Pre-register for the next visit

Invite visitors through our smart visitor management system for your next meeting and save yourself from drafting a tedious mail. A few taps and your invite is sent to the prospect. It shows people your business efficiency and keeps them positively engaged from the start.

pre registration
digital sign in system

5. Do more with our mobile app & Dashboard

Invite visitors, check visits, optimize meetings – All with our Voonote mobile app! With our smart and simple dashboard, control and track your meeting and visits anytime. Generate reports quickly, analyse and improve productivity of your reception area.

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