Capture leads

in a effective way

Tap the potential of every lead. Capture customer data, analyse and understand their needs to market your offerings — all in one system.


Know, interpret and gain

Manage customer databaseTap prospect customers
Keep a track of every customer who visits your store. We believe every inquiry has the ability to turn into a potential business. Our robust system gets you doing it right!
Send offer notificationsGenerate more customer value
Analyse buyout and visiting patterns, create interesting offers and promote them through notifications. Generate more business by targeting customers based on their needs and preferences.
Enhance your offeringsLead the Market
Track down the items which are in demand and frequently purchased from your store. Build, improvise and sell your products. Place yourself as an engaging and active store.
Build regular customersRedefine & boost loyalty
With the ability of notifying past visitors, stay in constant touch with them and increase the chances of more visits at you store. Be a relied destination for their purchases.

Smart process to maximise conversions

Create Customer Profiles

1. Create Customer Profiles

With Voonote, create an extensive database of every visitor with preset data fields as per your needs. Gather crucial data for your business needs and use it to stay ahead in the competition. We help you monetise on the power of data and gain more.

2. Track visit timings

With every visitor sign-in and sign-out, know the amount of time that is spent in your store per visitor. Use this information to understand customer engagement to your store and work on it to create a place where they prefer to hangout more.

Track visit timings
create campaigns

3. Create Campaigns

Plan and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns for your new stock. Analyse and increase footfalls at your store with lucrative discounts and several other attractive happenings. Level up your chances of being in the consideration set when they are looking to purchase.

4. Personalise Shopping Experience

You can trigger notifications on the inquired items and products that were out of stock earlier and are now available. This will help you engage with your customers on frequent basis especially the loyal ones.

personalise shopping experience
upsell your product

5. A gateway for Upsell

With the access to the portfolio and purchase history of customers, know their activity patterns and upsell relevant products & services. Drive greater value over the customer life cycle with Voonote.

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